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Children who need adopting

There are all kinds of children who need adopting but the one thing that they all have in common is that they all need a secure and loving home. Nearly all of the children who have a plan for adoption have been removed from their birth families because of some form of neglect. We are looking for people who can adopt any of the following:
  • Babies and toddlers - only in very rare occasions will we have a baby who has been given up for adoption.
  • Older children - children of school age need adopting too.
  • Sibling groups - it is not unusual that we have sibling groups of two, three or four who need an adoptive home.
  • Children with special needs - we always need adopters who can adopt a child with a physical disability, or a child with special needs or a child with a learning disability.
  • Children from different ethnicities - our children can come from a diverse range of ethnic, cultural or religious backgrounds.

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